A Short Story

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One more task today is one less task tomorrow chimed one of many various thoughts dancing around in The Worker’s mind. There was lots to do and very little time. Seconds ticking away on the digital clock display on her computer monitors. …

The author’s Wattpad cover for the book in progress

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Check out the first 4 chapters here:

Now, onto chapter 5.

Voltrex cautiously turned to face whomever initiated this so-called welcome. “If I truly am ‘welcome’, then why am I being held hostage for something I, mostly, consented to? Why can’t I leave???”.

The man near the entrance simply…

I finally got to play it!

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Earlier this week, the PlayStation Now team added a couple games to their game-streaming service. Just like they do around the beginning of every month for quite some time now.

However, I was not planning for them to add The Last Of Us Part II.

This game has been on…

Good news for Good Drivers, Bad News for Bad Drivers

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For a few days now, the button to request access to the FSD (Full Self Driving) beta software has been rolled out to all Tesla owners whom paid for the FSD package.

Once you’ve pressed said button and processed your request, Tesla will begin monitoring your driving for 7 days…

The “middleman” solution until I get some M1 hardware

Man, this is good.

For whatever reason, installing the Medium app on my aging Samsung Galaxy S Tab and typing away on my matching Samsung bluetooth keyboard never crossed my mind.

Been so focus on things I want (aka M1 Macbook) that I failed to see what’s in front of…

His stuff truly is timeless. I agree, it will be a sad day when this legend passes away. However, he's going to leave a grand legacy.

Forgetting about John Williams is like forgetting about Star Wars. Not gonna happen anytime soon.

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For my whole life
My parents would say
Son, do not fret
Your happiest place is today

I didn’t understand
As I looked around and saw
Trees stretching to the sky
Yet a village lacking awe

I wanted to go
I wanted to dance
All night in the city
Every time I had…

Chromebooks and other Chrome OS devices really are getting more and more tempting nowadays.

If Google can finally nail the pixel watch, keep up their pixel hardware lineup and catch up to Apple with their own in-house silicon processors... The Google ecosystem just might become a decent alternative to Apple's as well.

Sure, Google and privacy don't always go well together. However, Apple isn't 100% innocent when it comes to privacy either.

Here’s my thoughts

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Myself, I’m more looking forward to the new MacBooks with the M1X/M2 Apple Silicon in-house chips. However, there’s some aspects of this year’s September event I was somewhat intrigued in.

That being the Apple Watch Series 7

Oh boy… here we go. My thoughts:

  • New auto-bike features with workout app/function. Fall detection too… interesting.
  • E-bike algorithms too…

James Crawford

Just a simple Christian/IT/techie/gamer that also loves to jam away on his guitar. Oh, and I sometimes write stuff here.

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