Rollercoin & EV.IO

Two neat, lucrative discoveries in the crypto verse.

James Crawford


Photo by GuerrillaBuzz on Unsplash

Crypto is legit letting me earn money from gaming. Without being a Twitch Streamer.

Stumbled across this while on Mobilio subreddit, hoping and praying for good news from the mostly-dead Mobilio cryptocurrency:

Screenshot of Subreddit post that first redirect the author to Rollercoin (

From there, I was hooked. Playing games to unlock & stack up virtual “mining power” to mine actual crypto? Miners that run as long as I have virtual battery power even while I’m away from the site? True passive income? Sign me up.

Then, later on I discovered EV.IO thanks to the recent Brave browser ads:

A browser-based FPS shooter that literally pays me in Solana dust for every single kill I get in-game? Dust that I can slowly collect and swap for NFT skins for my guns and avatar that increase my per-kill earning rate by 20X minimum? Halo multiplayer vibes? Sick.

These apps are why I have been silent on Medium lately. Usually it’s due to work, but this time it’s actually pleasure/downtime.

However, this is different. Especially with the promise of payments that EV.IO gives. With a high enough earning rate and good enough matches, I could be a paid Twitch streamer pushing EV.IO content without getting a single penny from Twitch! EV.IO could potentially give me enough to cover for the no revenue from Twitch… maybe…

We’ll see what happens.

No worries, I’m not leaving Medium anytime soon. Writing is still a keen interest of mine. Having the ability to post what I love for a few bucks here and there, even when I’m retired, is something I am passionate about. Multiple income streams all the way, baby!



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