James Crawford
Mar 14, 2021


This new Beta app seems pretty cool

Medium prompted me to hop on the beta bandwagon today. Being a techie and always wanting to try new things, of course I immediately jumped over to the settings app and flipped the beta toggle on.

So, far I’m quite impressed.

I do like how it’s becoming more follower focused. You’re now greeted with a banner near the top of the home page UI which shows if any of your writers posted anything recently. Basically, it’s Medium “stories”.

Creating a new draft is just as simple as composing a tweet. You’re greeted with a bing, blue “+” button when you navigate to your profile page.

Oh, and there’s 4 options on the menus bar on the bottom of the screen:

  • Home
  • Search
  • Bookmarks
  • Profile

Those are my initial findings so far. Might write more as I fumble around the beta some more.



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