Time to rebrand

I’m going to embrace my “newb” side

What started out as my random pc/gaming channel, newbpcsir, I’ve only realized now could be much more.

So, I’ve decided to rebrand my “JimJams” artist name as “newbjamsir”. Keeps things uniform and I noticed there’s a few different “JimJams” that try to post their musical content on the same places as myself.

In addition, I went ahead and claimed these channels on LBRY for when I finally get a M-something MacBook Pro and/or Tesla:

  • newbmacsir
  • newbteslasir

It might be quite some time before these channels get any content, but at least I’m now prepared for when that day comes.

Sure, this is more or less a “nothing post”. However, this is could be considered a milestone in my content creation life. Why not document it somewhere?



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